About the Webinar:

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Description: Trackers or tracking surveys are the key to analyzing survey data trends over time. But, it’s hard to make data analysis across multiple waves smooth, painless, and most importantly, automatic.

What if you could start analyzing tracker survey data by delivering dashboards and PowerPoint slides as soon as fielding of a tracker wave completes? Can it be done? Yes. We’ll show you how.

Having hosted hundreds of trackers and talked with scores of market researchers, Crunch.io experts will share the tips and tools to build interactive dashboards in an hour and automate updates. Learn the pitfalls that prevent it and the new technology that enables it.

About the Presenter:

jeff-coombs Jeff Coombs, President, Crunch.io

Jeff Coombs is President of Crunch.io. He has 25 years of experience as an analytics software industry executive with the past 10 years focused on survey analytics. As a serial entrepreneur, Jeff helped launch and/or lead a series of revolutionary analytics products, including the first BI tool, a leading statical analysis platform, and now, Crunch.io, a powerful, but simple survey data analysis platform.

Jeff has an MBA from Harvard University and a BA from Williams College