Learn how firms with multi-country trackers have combined online easy self-serve drag-and-drop analytics with the speed of New Crunch Automation scripting for streamlined, almost instant data analysis and insights delivery:

  • End-to-end analytics from data to dashboard
  • Self-serve ad-hoc analytics, so you don't have to go back to your vendor for new data cuts
  • Automatically generated dashboards, easily customized for different stakeholders

At firms worldwide, like Disney, Choice Hotels, Shell, Visa, Reckitt Benckiser, and hundreds of others, insights teams are working full tilt, managing multiple simultaneous survey projects, including 40+ country brand trackers, with data from a variety of vendors, and serving hundreds of stakeholders.  It can take weeks to deliver results, and many days to respond to ad hoc analytic queries.   It’s time to automate tracker analytics for fast, easy online self-service. Now, weeks can be one day or even an instant

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