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Title: Fast Track Your Survey Data Analysis:
An All-in-One Platform for Dashboards, Interactive Analytics, Presentations, Online Delivery, and Crosstabs
Duration: 30 minutes
Description: Crunch.io brings simplicity, speed, and usability to survey data analysis. 

Fast track your current deliverables – crosstabs and PowerPoint deck – using the industry’s easiest-to-use platform.  Automate with Crunch Automation scripting.  Then, differentiate yourself with modern delivery – online interactive analysis and dashboards built in 5 minutes. All in one platform.

Deliver your best work with far less effort, faster turnarounds, and better margins.

Join us to see why over 1,000 companies like YouGov and Facebook use Crunch.io.

Learn how you will: 

  • Analyze, visualize, and deliver survey data more quickly and efficiently than ever before with the extremely easy-to-use, drag-and-drop platform. 

  • Analyze with subsecond response, powered by our columnar database.

  • Build a dashboard in 5 minutes with no coding. Deliver unlimited dashboards at no extra cost.

  • Say goodbye to repetitive tasks. Automate with scripting.

  • Deliver tracker insights in 24 hours. Append a tracker wave with a click.

Client testimonial:
“Partnering with Crunch has helped us deliver an all-in-one solution to our clients which helps them navigate the research process from data collection to visualization more quickly and efficiently than ever before.”