Tracking how COVID-19 impacts your brand or market? can help you quickly gain insights.

Slice and dice data with a few clicks. Build a dashboard in minutes.


Choose if you need: 

  • Real-time Survey Analytics. Deliver insights in 24 hours or less.
  • Tracker Analytics. Compare waves instantly.
  • Simplicity. Drag & drop. The easiest way to slice and dice data.
  • Speed. Analyze data with subsecond response. Build dashboards in minutes. Deliver PowerPoint, Excel, interactive CrunchBoxes or dashboards instantly.
  • Scalability. Run unlimited data in the CrunchDB, our fast columnar database.

See in action for COVID-19:

Interactive CrunchBox: U.S. Public Opinion on the Effects of COVID-19

Explore the CrunchBox above:

  • Select a survey question using the top green menu.
  • Create a crosstab with By.
  • Filter and change chart types with the bottom menu.